As leaders an important thing to consider is how your team is optimized for progress vs process. How this is balanced should be based on your assessment of the needs of the stakeholders. Let’s start with defining the difference.

First lets talk about “progress”. I’d define this as anything necessary…

Any organization that has been around for some time has “that” codebase that no one wants to talk about. It was written in a rush, features have been layered over time, the technology is stale, and any time you touch it — pain.

This can be an even larger issue…

Begin With: Why Do You Need To Build Software?

There are a many reasons why an organization needs to build and deliver software. Some examples might be:

  • Grow integrated strategic partnerships
  • Improve internal proprietary processes
  • Quality assurance and business intelligence
  • Build products and tools that customers will use directly

Taking the time to understand the “why” can help you…

Mark Snyder

Dad/Software Builder/Entrepreneur/Team Lead

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